C  O  L  L  E  C  T  I  O  N


“A stylistic conception
inspired by the beauty
and elegance of marble”.

Inspired by the noble tones and majestic veins of marble, the Heritage Luxe collection accompanies us on an imaginary journey to rediscover an artistic and architectural heritage of inestimable cultural value that we are privileged to inherit today. In fact, since ancient times, the palaces, sculptures and monuments of the old continent have been realized using colored marbles, considered almost as a form of natural or divine painting, thanks to the lively veins and their variety of colors.

The surfaces of the collection, in line with modern trends, have a marked decorative character and update the heritage of European tradition, proposing a stylistic concept inspired by the beauty and classic luxury of marble with a contemporary flavor.

The Heritage luxe collection offers marble surfaces with elegant and bold tones capable of bringing great personality and character to the most exclusive spaces.
The richness of colors and graphic details of these products find their maximum expression in the large formats, designed to dress large open spaces, or to illuminate the most intimate spaces.

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