In Mallorca since 1921

For more than 90 years DURAN has maintained its position as majorcan leader in the field of habitat area.

“Perfectionists like you”

For some time now we had been searching for a slogan to represent the values of our company which we inherited from those original entrepreneurs who founded DURAN nearly a century ago. A slogan that would integrate those values into our present-day philosophy and at the same time represent a project for the future. Eventually the word “perfectionist” came up as an adjective enabling us to explain the evolution of our company over so many decades. A concept that was very close to the hearts of those founders whom we can safely define as austere, constant and hard-working. In a nutshell: people who demanded a great deal of themselves.

Commitment, trust, solvency, prestige – these are values that have been linked to DURAN over its more than 90 years of history. And naturally, “perfectionism”. Above all, the perfectionism we demand of ourselves, of our service, our shops, our suppliers. The perfectionism that has enabled us to be who we are today, and obliges us to innovate and evolve with new commercial formats and business areas which continue to drive our company along.

Our showrooms still improve day by day, even though they are already a reference within the sector. This is, and will continue to be, our philosophy.


Aims and Values

Our aim is to cover all the requirements of a construction project, with the use of our specialist’s advice. We are specialists in each individual part of project like kitchen or bathroom design, always with the best quality building materials. We are an innovative company and a reference to the latest trends in construction and building materials in Mallorca.

Credibility, leadership, versatility, personalized service, involvement, contributing ideas and experience are the values on which is the foundation of our company.

Quality policy and environment

DURAN´s Direction makes public, through this link, the Company´s Quality / Environment Policy for knowledge and fulfillment of all who are part of the organization.

Social actions

DURAN involved in the field of social responsibility as a partner / sponsor in various non-profit organization, with the aim of contributing different needs and improve social field. See collaborations / social sponsorships.

Hygiene and health

DURAN has established in all its centers, protocols with preventive hygienic-sanitary measures to guarantee the protection of its clients and workers.