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At DURAN, we provide construction professionals with a wide selection of materials and tools for ironmongery (fasteners and screws, adhesives, foams and putties, paints and accessories, as well as work and safety clothes), plumbing (pipes and accessories for any installation, taps, toilets, consumables, tanks, irrigation, swimming pools and pumps), electricity (lighting, installation materials, specialised mechanisms and tools), construction (mortars, cements, sands, gravels, partitions, slabs, plasterboard, enclosures and roofs), as well as heating and energy efficiency (air conditioning, underfloor heating, waterproofing, insulation, and fireplaces).



In this section, professionals can find a broad selection of manual and electric tools, measuring instruments, brackets and screws, a wide variety of adhesives and putties for technical applications, paints for outdoor / indoor applications, garden accessories and machinery…

Professional brands such as; Dewalt, Fischer, Bellota, Sika, Hammerite, Snickers workwear, Nilfisk…. Offering a high quality guarantee in building materials for any construction project.

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In our self-service sections, professionals have all they need for heating, AC, built-in water systems, a variety of systems for pipes, pumps, various tanks, watering… And in water treatment, DURAN is the exclusive distributor in Spain for the firm Grünbeck.

Big brands like; Geberit, Grundfos, Tece, Jimten, Honeywell, Fujitsu, Junkers… for construction professionals offer a high performance and high quality guarantee in building materials for your construction project.

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Air conditioning and energy efficiency


At DURAN, we believe in sustainable construction and that is why we provide you with all the necessary building materials in heating and air conditioning, air conditioning and underfloor heating for a home based on energy efficiency.

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Everything necessary for electrical installations – wire, ducts, mechanisms, mounting boxes and panels, lighting, tools, satellite TV, measuring instruments, electrical underfloor heating… Duran offers high quality electric materials for your construction project.

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In all our construction building supply stores in Mallorca you will find special repair mortars, waterproofing, insulation and partition systems. And all the construction and building materials needed to carry out the work.

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