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A holistic exploration of beauty, functionality, and culture

Africa is a unique piece that combines the beauty of form and materiality with high-performance lighting capabilities.

Africa is born in response to the latest forms of living, in which the hybridization of residential and professional spaces is increasingly nomadic, free and casual.”

Thanks to its high-flow lighting, the Africa collection is the perfect companion for precision and accuracy work. Defined by a thin conical stem leading to a precise lighting head, Africa invites you to pick it up and feel its fine and soft texture.

Its matt lacquered texture and four natural tones bring warmth and simplicity to the design. Formed from a single unit of pure aluminium, this monomateriality gives it a certain character and technical quality associated with high-end industrial processes.

The anthropological shape of its discreet silhouette, available in two sizes, will be impressive in any type of space, public or residential. Its aesthetic versatility is complemented by its adaptability: accentuate a corner, enjoy a dinner with low light…

Its rechargeable LED light source offers three levels of intensity that are controlled with a simple button on the head of the luminaire. To recharge it, the axle is easily placed on a magnetic charger, as a perfect continuity of its sculptural expression.

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