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Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby: interior designers and product designers in collaboration with AXOR,
haveimplemented their bathroom interaction designs with this collection.
In 2015, the AXOR One shower range celebrated its debut at the London Design Festival.

In the AXOR One Collection, the known archetypes, bathroom mixers for washbasins, bathtubs and showers, have perfected their functions and control systems.

Thanks to modern Select technology, these mixers interact in a new way. Their handling is simple, intuitive, efficient and extremely precise.

AXOR One stands out with its minimalist beauty in any bathroom. A collection of elegant mixers and pure finishes enhanced through the exclusive colors of AXOR One FinishPlus.

Visit our exhibitions or ask for an Appointment in our centers of Palma, Calvià and Alcúdia and discover our selection of AXOR mixers.

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