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A Piedi
by Davide Doppioni

– Made of earth –

Davide Doppioni, passionate about ceramics since childhood, has dedicated his entire life to exploring the infinite possibilities of this versatile material. His focus is on authenticity and exploring how ceramics can be both a medium and a message, a way of communicating both technique and emotion.

“Earth and material merge in a timeless design expression”

The A Piedi collection is made up of two main pieces; the “A Piedi” full body porcelain tile, fired at high temperatures and in an unprecedented 1×1 metre format and the “Occhiata” lattices, made in extruded stoneware and subtly hand-painted with A Piedi tones.
Both pieces intertwine to create atmospheres that invite reflection and appreciation for the authenticity of the materials. A return to the roots of the material, maintaining a balance between the modern and the timeless.

“Craftsmanship and authenticity converse in the same language”

The collection is called A Piedi, which means walking and making a path. The colours chosen represent different aspects of nature: green symbolises vegetation; white, light; black, the cosmos; and cotto, mud. It is a tribute to our ancestral connection with the earth and a way of remembering that, despite technological advances, this link is still fundamental. The collection seeks to highlight the possibilities offered by ceramics in its purest form, without glazes or additional processes.

Laying options for Occhiata lattices

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