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A project that seeks to highlight
the authentic essence of materials

Anda Cream Mix Rect 60×60. Reto Opal Green 9,4×28,2.

A commitment to signature collections


This signature collection is about going back to basics;
It is a hymn of love for elements of the past, but brought into the current context.

Raza Graphite Rect 60×120. Jai Natural 20×20. Halo 20×20. Curve 20×20. Grain 20×20. Border 20×20.

In the Material Essence collection we wanted to highlight the true essence of materials, the
the authentic essence of materials, which breathe naturalness and authenticity.
and authenticity. We are talking about clay, plaster and lime, stone, marble, marble, stone, marble, marble, marble, marble, marble, marble and marble.
stone, marble, concrete, terrazzo and wood”

Raza Grey Rect 90×90. Flame Black 20×20.

Plasters, limes and graphic canvases


The materials in his collection speak the same language: nature. All the pieces work with each other and in different ways. Some reflect the simple plaster through volumes and geometries, with torn material textures that generate linear and curved geometric motifs that speak for themselves. He has also designed wooden pieces that recover the Japanese technique of Yakisugi, plaster and clay, and on them he traces brushstrokes that simulate lime, red chalk and charcoal, generating graphic canvases.

– All these material elements are very functional and everyday, but at the same time they take us back to the past. It is a collection full of emotions, but in a very simple and honest way – a mixture of periods and styles.


Cleo Natural 20×20. Bands 20×20.

A mixture of periods and styles


Erico Navazo recovers the boiseries or wood panelling in combination with cement; both materials are mixed in a single piece with volume achieving a precise effect.

He also makes sinuous games and combinations of materials, this time with a dark terrazzo that rests on a ceramic piece that
on a ceramic piece that reproduces a natural stone native to the Burgundy region.

Imperfect coverings that embellish with the passage of time.

On the other hand, Navazo rescues the ceramic language of authentic glazed ceramics full of colour, light and intensity.
He argues that colour “is full of emotions, it moves us, even if we don’t know why. Its capacity to enliven memories is unique”.

Rails 20×20. Extreme 20×20. Cleo Natural 20×20.

Raza Grey Rect 90×90. Jai Natural 20×20. Top 20×20. Veins 20×20.
Line 20×20. Bend 20×20. Reto Oxide Red 9,4×28,2.

Reto Oxide Red 9,4×28,2. Top 20×20.
Bend 20×20. Veins 20×20. Line 20×20.

Raza Graphite Rect 90×90. Flame Black 20×20.
Round 20×20. Fence 20×20. Strips 20×20. Limit 20×20.

Anda Cream Mix Rect 60×60. Gon Natural 20×20.
Drante Natural 20×20. Tales Natural 20×20.

Drante Brown Gray 20×20.
Tales Brown Gray 20×20.
Gon Brown Gray 20×20.

Reto Green Blue 9,4×28,2.
Cleo Natural 20×20.

Frado White Rect 40×120.

Anda Cream Mix Rect 60×60. Reto Bottle Green 9,4×28,2.

Reto Khaki Grey 9,4×28,2. Anti-Slip Bourg Rect 60×120.

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