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Created by Vincent Van Duysen for Mutina

Kosei -meaning composition in Japanese-

Vincent Van Duysen proposes a range of ceramic surfaces developed with pure and tactile materials, inspired by volcanic lava rocks like obsidian and volcanic glass, homogeneous, amorphous with an exceptional hardness.

The final result is a timeless design conceived for “great” architecture, which is characterized by an extreme versatility thanks to the 8 formats and 5 colors that can be combined to create infinite dynamic combinations. In addition, it includes the Chevron format, to give depth to the different spaces and together, create elegant matt pavements.

The Kosei collection is made of extruded porcelain stoneware without glaze, an extraordinary production process resistant and durable of high technology that allows to obtain a natural product of quality, with greater resistance to flexion, to water and to the spots. A pavement that we recommend both for indoors and outdoors.




Green grey

Dark grey

The elements of Kosei are available in 5 colors with a soft and enveloping appearance, specially developed to create harmonious combinations.


We developed several patterns that reveal themselves
in different ways just by changing the color of some pieces.
This gives us a different reading of the collection”.

Vincent Van Duysen

Visit us or better yet, request an appointment with our advisors to find out the possibilities that Kosei has for your future project..

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