The fusion of 5 design principles, which at the same time form an important basis of Dornbracht, are an essential part of its DNA.

Their consistent application in all its collections guarantees the durability, the confident style and the majesty of its design – over many years.



Dornbracht fittings are perfectly proportioned. Their design follows a timeless ideal: balanced, harmonious and precise. This perfection underpins their iconic and enduring aesthetics.



Dornbracht fittings are synonymous with uncompromising precision. Clear lines and precise radii characterise their form; first-class finish and the highest quality workmanship characterise their execution. The care with which even the tiniest details are executed is unparalleled.



Dornbracht products are progressive. They follow an avant-garde pattern, open to the new, they inspire architecture and interior design with their visionary pretension. In a constant dialogue with the spirit of today, they create new benchmarks for the present and the future.



Dornbracht fittings are synonymous with excellence. The highest demands on functionality and use are focused on the varied ways in which water flows. This results in unique water experiences and added value that enrich our lives.
our lives.



Dornbracht fittings are genuine pieces with character. They always reflect their own character, thus creating individuality and genuineness. Their unmistakable identity derives from the fusion of striking shapes and expressive finishes.

Dornbracht regards the finish as a dimension of its own design, which is a particular priority. In a production with state-of-the-art galvanisers, finishes of exceptional beauty, quality and durability are achieved. This combination of technological expertise and high design competence enables us to create new benchmarks on a regular basis. Our commitment: perfection in every dimension.

Impressive depth of colour

Fascinating intensity: Dornbracht finishes impress with their impressive colour depth.

Factory quality and technology

Outstanding workmanship: craftsmanship and advanced technology go hand in hand at Dornbracht.

Brilliance and durability

High gloss and superb durability are the result of highly specialised processing.

Finishing processes

With a one-way brushing, our matt finishes acquire their unique look and feel.

High-quality finishes

Dornbracht’s high-quality finishes are characterised by extraordinary colour depth, vibrancy and durability.

Precious metals

Particularly precious finishes are obtained by using precious metals such as gold, copper or palladium.

At Dornbracht, we not only create products with a long life and durable designs. We are also committed to sustainable production and responsible use of our products.

Since 2021, we have been producing and marketing our products in a climate-neutral manner.
To further increase our commitment to climate protection, we are continuously improving our energy and resource efficiency with our innovative products and solutions. For example, we have succeeded in significantly reducing the water consumption of our faucets and rain showers.





Please make an appointment with our bathroom consultants and they will be happy to inform you about the latest products and collections from DORNBRACHT.

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