D  R  E  A  M  Y

T H E   H O M E   O F   Y O U R   D R E A M S

Its Illusion Bronzed marble-inspired design is
enhanced by a set of stone conglomerates
that add depth to its rich veining.

Its color-scheme is grouped into two light shades,
one cooler and one warmer (Cloud and Desert), and
two shades for more chromatic variety (Road and Mocha).

D R E A M Y   F I N I S H E S


With the arrival of new technologies, MUSEUM has once again demonstrated that it is a pioneer in introducing new innovations and in guaranteeing superior, exclusive products.

ALL IN ONE A unique surface for various applications in both indoor and outdoor projects Softness and anti-slip come together for more aesthetic continuity in spaces.

4D TECH is the most innovative manufacturing system on the market and is based on an exclusive technology that guarantees unsurpassed quality.

New SHAPED technology combines digital and traditional techniques to align designs with relief and achieve a surface volume and an extra-soft texture that reproduces natural stone.

D R E A M Y   S H A D E S


Dreaming that we fly and feel free.

At home, we seek to create spaces that allow us to find calm, with textures and colors that evoke our most exclusive and sophisticated nature. Here, the color Cloud represents the purity of white intermingled with stone conglomerates that add depth to its rich veining


Imagining the warm desert dunes at dawn.

Current trends are investing in materials and decorations in earth tones. If we value warmth as a key to feeling good in our home, Desert is undoubtedly our color of choice. Its carefully tuned luminosity and unique graphic design bring well-being and distinction to spaces.


Traveling by road through the mountains.

Dreamy Road is an intense color whose gray hue predominates over a variety of brown tones, highlighting its richness. It allows the creation of unique spaces and supports an endless number of chromatic combinations for both balance and elegance.


Taste some coffee in good company.

Mocha represents the intense brown color, with small clusters in gray tones giving it a very special touch. Dreamy’s wide graphic variety provides movement as a whole. The Mocha color represents personality and exquisiteness.

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