EcoSal LP

Due to the low quality and scarcity of water in most Mediterranean areas, together with the economic effort that all this represents for this water to be used again, Roth has developed the EcoSal LP system, a compact system for the purification of brackish water that combines various Reverse Osmosis water treatment technologies with pre-filtration, remineralisation, disinfection or automation, especially designed for residential, tourist or sports sectors.

The versatility of the Roth EcoSal LP systems eliminates the conductivity and salt content of mains water to reduce maintenance and energy consumption in installations.

The EcoSal LP range presents compact and prefabricated equipment from 200 to 2,400 l/h for industrial, agricultural/livestock uses and even directly for human consumption.

Features and advantages

Roth’s greywater, rainwater and marine water reuse systems achieve high marks in obtaining sustainable construction certificates such as Breeam or Well and are suitable for homes, office buildings, hotels, educational centres, sports centres… In fact, Roth belongs to a series of Breeamers sponsors clearly certifying its commitment to the environment


The small size of the equipment facilitates installation and transport.


Potabilisation is vital to generate healthy and safe installations.


Industrial installations with high water quality improve their profitability. With this equipment it is possible to save between 30 and 45% of drinking water.


The reuse of water is a benefit for you and those around you. Roth offers ecological solutions to preserve our available water resources without endangering future generations.


Achieve considerable savings on your water bill in the most ecological way by helping the environment. Reusing water is an ecological and safe practice within the reach of all of us.


Roth applies micro and ultrafiltration systems to achieve very high quality water in order to ensure the success of the treatment.


The high quality of the treatment allows you to water your garden with reclaimed water with the utmost peace of mind and confidence.


Get the maximum score with greywater reuse systems for homes and small communities.

Request an appointment now with our energy efficiency technician and get to know the different models of the EcoSal LP system from the manufacturer Roth.

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