Nowadays, most hotels and tourist accommodation in the Balearic Islands are very sensitive to environmental issues and above all to efficient systems in order to meet the requirements of sustainability and economy.

The production of domestic hot water alone accounts for approx. 25% of the energy bill. If we also add that the consumption behaviour of the client during their accommodation is higher than in their own home and also the scarcity of resources, it is logical to understand the high interest that this sector has in implementing new systems and sanitary equipment that offer guaranteed savings, efficiency and sustainability.

Hansgrohe, a pioneer in high-tech systems, offers this sector the assurance that its tap systems and components guarantee the lowest water consumption and protection of the installation without sacrificing comfort..

Hansgrohe eco technologies


Faucets with energy-saving functions

CoolStart is a new Hansgrohe technology only for fittings with water-saving functions. Cold water flows in the centre position of the control. With standard fittings, the centre position switches the heater on immediately. When the control is moved to the left, hot water is added. Movement to the right is blocked.

In combination with EcoSmart you save up to 60 % water consumption. In this video you can see briefly how this system works.


Intelligent expansion system

Hansgrohe fittings and showers with EcoSmart technology significantly reduce water consumption. In the case of hot water consumption, it also leads to a reduction in energy consumption, which in turn reduces CO2 emissions and costs. EcoSmart products are sustainable in design and consumption.

EcoSmart showers

Hansgrohe Raindance EcoSmart hand and head showers use only 9.5 litres of water per minute. Crometta 85 Green hand and head showers use only 6 litres of water per minute. Regardless of the pressure, the O-ring adapts flexibly to regulate the water flow. When the pressure is high, the O-ring reduces the flow opening. If the water flow is low, the O-ring enlarges the opening. In this video you can see briefly how this system works.

EcoSmart faucet

Approximately 13 litres of water per minute flow through a conventional washbasin mixer. In all Hansgrohe fittings, the EcoSmart system reduces water consumption by up to 60%*, i.e. around 5 litres per minute. How is this achieved? By means of a special flow rate limiter. The EcoSmart aerator is integrated at the end of the faucet spout and injects air into the water, an inexhaustible element in its availability. A part automatically adapts to the different water pressures and changes shape accordingly. This part limits the flow rate, thus constantly saving drinking water. In this video you can see briefly how this system works.

In hotels and public facilities, the savings potential is multiplied when EcoSmart products are installed. Operating costs are reduced to such an extent that investments are usually amortised within a few months. The technology is automatically integrated into all Hansgrohe fittings and many of Hansgrohe’s showers. This means that there are no additional installation costs. With reference to the EcoSmart products, there are numerous ranges of showers and basin fittings available for architects to find what they need.

*without EcoSmart: 13 litres per minute at 3 bar.


Easily remove impurities and limescale

Hard water, impurities, unsuitable cleaning products… Taps and showers have to withstand a lot of external aggression. With Hansgrohe’s QuickClean system, limescale deposits and dirt are quickly removed. Hansgrohe has coated the aerators of its fittings and the jets of its showers with silicone so that limescale and dirt can be easily removed.

A great solution:

Just rub gently, without having to wipe hard.
Uniform water flow at the fitting
Well-formed jet in the shower
The products last longer and retain their functions

In this video you can see briefly how this system works.


Every drop is important

This “air wizard” intensifies showering pleasure and reduces water consumption. The AirPower rain shower envelops the body, creating an indescribable bubbling sensation of well-being. The principle is simple: air is drawn in through the surface of the jet disc of the AirPower showers and mixed with the water. The two elements merge in an embrace. About three litres of air are added to each litre of water. In this way, the water is used with maximum efficiency. Every drop is important, which is why Hansgrohe helps you to save water, energy and costs with innovative products and forward-looking technologies. These videos give you a brief insight into how this system works.




Check the savings potential

The EcoCheck kit contains everything you need to easily and conveniently calculate the savings potential in your facility’s bathrooms:

* Croma Select EcoSmart hand shower
* EcoSmart flow-limiting washbasin aerators
* Measuring jug
* Installation faucets

With this hansgrohe savings programme, you can measure the potential water and energy savings that could be achieved by incorporating this technology into your installations.

Send us an email with your hotel details and we will send you the EcoCheck kit completely free of charge

!! Take the EcoCheck test now!!

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