AGAPE, the prestigious Italian bathroom design company, has added two new freestanding washbasins; Cenote natural and Cenote lava, designed by Patricia Urquiola.

With its clean lines and handcrafted materials, this surprising collection confirms the place of the washbasin as the centrepiece of contemporary design in the bathroom space.

Patricia Urquiola was inspired by a natural water source to create the “Cenote” collection – a mystical place for pre-Columbian cultures – bathed in a penetrating light that reveals all the brightness and transparency of water

Through the two Cenote freestanding washbasin models, the designer transcribes the magic of this contrast. The exterior surface is deliberately rough, while the interior is polished and enamelled in vibrant colours that evoke the warm, white and blue tones of Mexican water basins..

Available in two sizes and two exterior finishes: natural clay or dark clay, both finished with transparent cream glaze or white for the natural clay version, and blue for the dark clay version. The glazed finish is always glossy and is completed with a drain with a glazed lid in the same interior finish as the basin.

Terra natural

Natural + Blanco


Lava + Azul


It is carved from a block of lava stone. Each washbasin is exclusive and unique. It highlights its natural dark colour with a unique and pleasantly smooth texture, combining high quality craftsmanship with the rugged beauty of lava.

CENOTE natural

It is made of natural or dark fireclay moulded by hand on a potter’s wheel. The outer surface is deliberately rough, while the inside is polished, glazed and available in 4 different shades.

Cenote washbasins are entirely handmade, so any differences that may be found on the surface or between individual pieces should not be considered imperfections, but rather a sign of quality.

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