RAMIA Ceramica believes that geometry and design have no limits and presents a new concept of experimenting with ceramics, where the possibility of composing, creating and imagining each space is unique and different.

RAMIA Ceramica is in charge of
that each project has its own
its own personality.

They offer us a wide range of geometric incisions that, when applied to 30×60 bases with different finishes, create an endless number of combinations.

This, together with the different placement possibilities and the personal choice, more sober or more daring, of the colour of the joint, makes Ramia Ceramica the ideal partner for the projects they inspire. They guide us through the geometric lines so that we can take the leading role and create our own space. 

Finishes and joints

The Ramia ceramica series are planned on high quality and resistant porcelain bases, and in two finishes; natural for the single-colour and C2 for the stone.

The grouting between pieces is made by means of shallow incisions, this detail allows to enhance their appearance and to compose unlimited combinations.

Soft finish

Stone finish


C  O  L  L  E  C  T  I  O  N

The solutions proposed by Ramia are suitable for both residential and commercial projects.

S  E  R  I  E  S


The Equis series, consisting of two symmetrical pieces (A+B), is characterised, as its name indicates, by two diagonal incisions in the upper part of the piece, which cross at an intermediate point. Its diverse compositional possibilities connect us with rebelliousness and non-conformism, inviting us to break with pre-established rules from a dynamic and elegant point of view.

S  E  R  I  E  S


The Trino series is generated by a triangular shape in the upper half of the pieces. It is composed of two symmetrical pieces with an isosceles triangle in the upper half. It stands out for its originality. Its perfectly studied combinations create fun yet elegant shapes.

S  E  R  I  E  S


It is a collection inspired by the patterns formed by the bulrush, this natural fibre used in the traditional and artisan production of baskets and chairs characteristic of the Mediterranean.
The piece is formed by a parallel line and a diagonal line that converge in a point. The Enea series stands out for its compositional variety with sober and visually clean results..

S  E  R  I  E  S


The Palma series is formed by two parallel diagonal lines located in the middle of the piece.
An apparently very simple design, it is formed by two oblique and symmetrical incisions that can be combined to form very different designs capable of transmitting different emotions

S  E  R  I  E  S

Diamond 01/02/03

The Diamond 01 series is made up of pieces with diagonal incisions running from side to side of the piece.
Diamond 02 consists of two converging symmetrical incisions that end in the middle of the piece.
Diamond 03 is made up of two symmetrical and convergent incisions, but which trace from one side of the piece to the other.

Longer lines that transmit calm and continuity, lines that start from the middle to meet, whose compositions remind us how important it is to go beyond the conventional. With the help of chromatic variety, very different designs are achieved.


S  E  R  I  E  S

Tartan 01/02

The textile-inspired Tartan series is composed with symmetrical lateral incisions that speak to us of spaciousness and the need to set aside the unnecessary. Tartan leaves us room to create designs with the most natural colours in very minimalist spaces.

Tartan 01 is composed of two symmetrical pieces with two perpendicular incisions: one parallel to the upper edge and the other parallel to the side. Both coincide in the upper corner and form a small square.

Tartan 02 consists of a piece with a horizontal incision in the middle. In the lower half, there are two other horizontal lines located in the upper half of the piece.
horizontal lines located at the bottom of the piece and separated from each other.


Different combinations

To preserve the aesthetic continuity of the creative patterns, combinations of pre-cut pieces in vertical and horizontal position in the same composition should be avoided.

Ramia does not put limits to creativity, you can combine its pieces in different positions, vertical and horizontal, colours and even intercalating plain and decorated pieces.

If you would like to find out more about the possibilities of these collections, ask for an appointment with our ceramics advisors at any DURAN shop in Palma, Calviá, Alcudia or Santanyí.

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