The innovative mini-pool for relaxing and swimming at the same time.

Introducing AQUARUN, a revolutionary project designed by Marc Sadler, where form and function merge into a surprisingly harmonious whole and at the same time elevate the “swimming standing still” technique into a reliable and attractive experience. An example of functionality and formal elegance in a 5m home mini-pool.

AQUARUN transforms the morning workout or the pleasure of a relaxing swim at the end of the day into a small luxury that can be enjoyed in complete safety.

The 235 cm width and 142 cm height allow total freedom of movement, making it unique in the counter-current swimming pool scene.

The power of the flow is adjustable and a mirror at the bottom allows you to focus on your performance and control your movements while swimming.

The turbine cover – Integrates perfectly with the structure. Functionally, it transforms into a small seating or support surface.

Aquarun by Treesse

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