Confetto is the new proposal in small format porcelain stoneware that is part of the
porcelain stoneware that becomes part of the Crogiolo

collection by Marazzi, which collection by Marazzi, which rediscovers the charm of authentic handmade ceramics.
The surface of Confetto is semi-opaque, “sugary”, soft to the touch, and comes in a wide range of colours.
in a wide chromatic palette of 12 colours.

The 3D Savoiardo 5×15 structure, is inspired by the historic Canne
d’Organo collection that Nino Caruso designed for Marazzi in the early 1970s.
the 1970s. The structure has a slight indentation in the central part of the
central part that enhances the three-dimensionality and the effect of a handmade product.

Thanks to its minimalist yet refined design,
Confetto is particularly suitable for residential and commercial
and commercial contexts where you want to recreate a welcoming atmosphere and
rediscover the charm of craftsmanship. Confetto can cover
walls and floors, but also decorative elements.

Visit our shops in Palma, Calviá, Alcudia and Santanyí, where you can discover this new Crogiolo collection by Marazzi.

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