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The Room describes the expressive opulence of a selection of quality marbles interpreted for cosy and modern environments.

C   O   L   L   E   C   T   I   O   N

Onyx Aqua Blue Gold

Onyx marble is composed of sedimentary limestone coloured by spring water and infiltration. Of Asian origin, it is a mineral that stands out for its glossy transparency effect on the surface: a characteristic that makes it extremely valuable and particularly suitable for interior projects with a strong hint of exclusivity.
Recurring shades are yellow, brown, red and green, which appear as unimaginable nuances.

Calacatta Oyster

A very exclusive version of the Calacatta in which large diagonal veins stand out on the surface, as do the dark tones that contrast with the white and particularly bright background.

Breccia Phoenix

The Breccia Fantastique, better known as Phoenix, is a very decorative marble quarried in North Africa.
It has a golden beige background with reddish-brown, green and yellow veins. Spectacular once placed and seen.

Tiffany Green

It is a little known quartzite, of South American origin, with a veined texture of small black and white veins and an unusual green background.

Onyx White Absolute

The origins of calcareous onyx go way back in history: it is the “marmor alabastrum”, from where alabastrum derives from a fortress known as “Alabastra” built in Thebes in Egypt where there was a series of quarries used to build the temples. This type of marble in nature leaves its mark thanks to its intense lustre set against a light background, and is notable for its strips of varying thickness ranging in colour from ivory to vanilla.

Vena Piccola

The Statuario Venato marble from Italy is a premium quality marble with fine veins, pure milky white background and small grey veins. It is naturally produced in very small quantities compared to other white Carrara marbles.

Inv White

A marble quarried in Asia Minor and composed almost exclusively of dolomitic rock that was transformed with time and heat into a crystalline and slightly transparent stone. It has a white background widely streaked with grey veins that sometimes present small almost amber sedimentations.

Panda White

This is a truly amazing marble from the Far East. It is characterised by a very white background, accentuated by intense black lines with wider stripes or thicker waves and all completed by a white crystallization in the clear base where its transparency stands out.

Quartzite Patagonia

It is one of the most unusual and attractive stones that exist in nature. It is extracted in South America, especially in Brazil. Its origin is volcanic and its geological structure comes from millions of years of seismic activity. As the magma rose to the surface and cooled, it crystallised and incorporated all the rocks and minerals it encountered along the way.

Cremo Delicato

This is an elegant Italian marble that presents an ivory white background with occasional bands and rare yellowish grey veins aligned longitudinally.

Onice Aragosta

This product is part of the Onice (onyx) family, and the interpreted variant is known as “Aragosta” (lobster) which is spread on a cerulean blue background.

San Pedro

San Pedro, also known as Silver Roots, comes from Asia Minor. Its background colour can vary from dove grey to deep beige, with deep, dark, thin, brown to reddish veins.

Black Dalia

Black Dahlia comes from Central America and is a stone belonging to the silicate onyx category. Generally black with white veins, it is enriched with incredible details that can vary from yellow to brown, even red to ivory and grey.

Grey Roots

A particularly attractive marble, originating from Anatolia, characterised by a shiny silvery grey background colour and enriched by areas mixed with tonalities ranging from white to grey. On the surface there are undulations and cracks in warm golden and cream tones that confer a pleasant contrasting effect on the grey background, giving Grey Roots a perception of ancient royalty and value.

Gris Breche Dumas

This is the name given to this pebble, originally from the Pyrenees, in homage to the famous French playwright Alexandre Dumas. A marble that is increasingly difficult to find because the quarries are basically empty. Imola’s aim was to reproduce the French look of this rock in ceramics distinguished by its light grey background, smooth and shiny with fine veins and tone-on-tone shades.

Grand Antique d’Aubert

This stone is quarried in France, in the northern Pyrenees. The quarry has been closed for almost 70 years and has recently been reopened.
It has been used on some very famous occasions, including Napoleon’s tomb. Its black and white markings with very sharp contrasts have never been seen on other rocks in nature.

Infinity Brazil

Hailing from South America, Infinity Brazil is a rare quartzite with a particularly elegant deep black colour. Its characteristic black tone is interspersed with light spots that enhance its lustre.











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