Resonances of Talent.


Making quality musical education accessible to families and students at risk of social exclusion in the neighborhoods of Pere Garau and Son Gotleu in Palma.


Giving the opportunity to study and learn an instrument completely free of charge to children at risk of social exclusion, making this musical education accessible to families who could not otherwise opt for it.

In this course, the Resonances of Talent project has 50 students, approximately half of them play an instrument. All the students participate in the choir and in the classes of musical language, which makes it possible to take access tests to the conservatory or to join other music schools. We have teachers with higher qualifications and great pedagogical experience as well as young volunteer musicians from the Jove Orquestra de les Illes Balears. We also have volunteers in charge of the management and organization of the project.


Developing a quality musical education in a Center of Infant and Primary Education, both in the timetable and outside it.
Interrelating the students involved with the Young Orchestra of the Balearic Islands through the different musical activities.
Establishing a line of support and follow-up to the students with talent, so that they can develop their artistic abilities in the Municipal Music School, the Professional Conservatory of Music of Palma de Mallorca or in some high-performance music school.
Professionalizing the career of young musicians through their orchestral training within the Jove Orquestra de les Illes Balears.
Making use of the knowledge acquired by young musicians for their subsequent application in the activities of the educational centers.
Carrying out musical activities of a community and social cohesion dimension in the neighborhoods of Pere Garau, Son Gotleu and other neighborhoods where there are communities at risk of social exclusion.

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