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DURAN together with a group of Balearic businessmen of the “Business Alliance Against Extreme Poverty” led by CAEB travelled last February to the Vicente Ferrer Foundation in India.

On arrival at the Foundation they were received with honours by the families and were able to learn about the harsh reality they live day to day. They also visited several projects of the Vicente Ferrer Foundation and the dozens of children sponsored by the businessmen for years, whose contributions give children and their families a better quality of life.

Through this action, the Vicente Ferrer Foundation provides decent and safe housing to families living in extreme poverty and empowers women in Indian society, as the ownership of the houses is written in their name to prevent them from being repudiated, a very common practice in this territory. They also provide protection and security to these rural villages scattered in one of the poorest areas of the world.

In a moving ceremony, our DURAN representative, Carmen Ramirez, handed over the new house to one of the resident families.

With this business alliance, we hope to continue spreading this social spirit because we believe that, regardless of size, activity and resources, we can all do our bit and be aware that we have in our hands to make this a more humane world and improve, together, our society.

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