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Made by nature

At Sira we believe that all the elements we need are provided by the Earth. That is why we go back to our origins and take advantage of the natural resources that surround us to create avant-garde and design products that pay homage to nature.

Architects, interior designers and designers now have the possibility of developing proposals with made-to-measure pieces, in medium or large series, especially for contract projects. In addition to the three basic lines of washbasins, they also offer the possibility of creating customised designs.

You project. We create them. Nature creates them.


The personality of a washbasin can completely transform a bathroom interior. All Sira washbasins are available in a total of 12 shades inspired by the colours of the Earth and its ecosystems.


Organic and geometric shapes that blend naturally into any environment. Suitable for surface mounting.


Two column-shaped washbasins designed to become a key piece of the space.


The classic monobloc washbasin consolidates the perfect combination of design and functionality.

Palangana by A SPACE ABOUT

Palangana is a washbasin that offers a warm, close and careful experience. According to Space About “we looked at characteristic elements of mountain village houses and a key piece was the palangana (as a concept): a circular, wide and deep container, traditionally used in villages for washing”. With a more modern touch, at a formal level, Palangana is multifunctional, as it incorporates in a single piece of furniture the washing area, the hygiene and bath products and a small shelf to put the toilet bag. A sculptural piece that gives prominence and character.


The Duna bathtub is the perfect centrepiece for any unique bathroom or outdoor space. Its clean lines and curved shape make it the perfect place to relax and offer a warm experience.

New Sira Colour Valve

Sira Concrete goes one step further in the conception of its pieces to offer an integral and personal design. The new universal 100% brass valve, coated through our basic range of 12 pigments, is created to match each piece in the best possible way and offer an overall design concept.


Sira Concrete manufactures products that last over time, using natural, virtually inexhaustible materials. Every step, from the moment they design the washbasins until they reach their final space, they are responsible with the environment. The production processes cause the smallest possible C02 footprint. And the raw material, concrete, is fully recyclable and reusable.

Sira Concrete manufactures its models with natural materials subject to imperfections that characterise unique and essential pieces for each space. In order not to overproduce, they are only made to order.


Request an appointment with our ceramic and bathroom advisors and find out about the different models, colours and finishes of Sira Concrete for your new bathroom space.

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