TORNARES ceramic collection

By 10 December, 2021September 26th, 2023Floors, flooring and coatings

TORNARES collection designed by ERRE Arquitectura.

Once again, ERRE and TAU come together again. This time the focus will be on the design of a new ceramic collection aimed at architects and consultants.

Both brands visualise architecture with passion and respect. They understand that this is a demanding audience that always needs to be one step ahead in each of the projects they take on.

The new TORNARES collection is based on tradition, on clay in its purest state and in its most natural forms to create an elegant and innovative product.

The textures, colours and shapes found in the TORNARES collection series (Duero, Ordesa, Gredos, Hiru, Zumaia and Galena) give the user endless possibilities and combinations to create elegant and evocative spaces.

Inspired by the rhythmic flow of water, the DUERO series is characterised by the repetition of curved geometries with different radii that provoke a gradual and irregular play of light and shadow. Like the waves of the water, the piece is characterised by a sensation of constant balance, and at the same time, provoking a feeling of eternal movement. 

An interplay of shadows that emulates the steep mountain ranges and the fluctuations in height of the mountains that convey a uniform texture of comparison and contrast that generates full and empty spaces in a lively continuity. They are designed as vertical pieces, enhancing slender relief lines and their shadows.  GREDOS can be combined with the ORDESA series, giving the user a greater flexibility of configuration to achieve unique and personal results.

Ordesa is created by combining curved and straight shapes to create an expressive piece with a strong formal personality. ORDESA is designed to be combined with the GREDOS series, as a perfect complement in form and concept. These combinations allow for a wide variety of aesthetic and formal results and can be adapted to the spaces and needs of each user.

Hiru embodies the versatility of a piece that can be combined with any of the ORDESA, GREDOS or DUERO series.  Its flatness and simplicity enhance the shadow play of the three relief series, making it an ideal complement or a unique piece to enhance the more traditional ceramic cutting.

This piece stands out for its straight lines and timeless design, and its simplicity and restrained beauty. Inspired by Flysch de Zumaia shapes and surfaces, this series presents a differential erosion resulting in a combination of heights that projects a different energy depending on the incoming light.

GALENA is the result of painstaking work with raw materials to obtain a piece with character and personality, without renouncing simplicity. This series stands out for its duality between original and artificial shapes, where bright colours and the heterogeneity of simple geometries coexist with the purest nature of the ceramic material.

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