For those who value handmade design

Potter Project designs lamps with emotional, aesthetic, timeless and traditional meaning adapted to contemporary life.

We illuminate handcrafted objects

All Pott Project luminaires are handcrafted one by one with the experience of our craftsmen. Totally unique, where imperfections are part of the process. Objects conceived by our designers, with innovation and functionality at the forefront.


Terra is a tribute to the raw material, to clay, and its shape and structure are at the heart of the proposal.

Terra is made up of three modules of different sizes: a large head and two smaller pieces for the foot. These modules are the supports for five earth tones and three textures. The first texture is slightly rough, reminiscent of the material in its natural state. The light gives it a velvet effect. The second texture, made up of small rectangular marks sculpted by hand, is a clear allusion to artisanal gestures. The third texture is marked by an irregular rhythm of fine lines, first sculpted by hand and then reproduced by 3D printing. In Terra, the user can play with colours and textures to create combinations, single-colour, two-colour, three-colour mono-texture, two-texture, three-texture, tri-texture and so on.
Terra is a tribute to the raw material, clay, and its organicity is at the heart of the proposal. With functionality at the forefront, and designed to accompany people in their contemporary rituals”.


Okina is a collection consisting of a small lamp in which the light source is never visible.

There are pendant and table versions. The double-shade pendant lamp offers direct lighting in the centre of the table and more subtle and diffused lighting at the dining table. Pott’s clay and craftsmanship make each Okina lamp unique.
“Inspired by the mushrooms and fungi that grow in the humid forests of the Basque Country. Its simple, organic shapes convey a natural tranquillity. “


Caló is the latest creation by Miguel Ángel García Belmonte.

With its history, voluptuous contours and elegant design, “Caló” is a new addition to the brand’s collection.
“A hanging lamp that recovers the peasant tradition of the Spanish botijo, which in the past was filled with water and hung in the house or in a tree, protecting it from the scorching sun of the Mediterranean summer.”


A collection of luminaires inspired by the geographical origins of the brand. Totana

A landscape of contrasts, shades of clay, pottery and wisdom, light and shadow, fire and water; elements that have influenced the design of this collection; formed by two intersecting volumes. The first is enveloping, gestural, voluminous, conical with a top end that refers to the mouth of a hand-turned ceramic vessel; the second is linear and structural, defined as a line.
“A warm lamp, a balance between materiality and light. “


Nais, more than a lamp, it is a companion in the dark

A conversational ceramic piece that transports you to the most comfortable moonlight. A rechargeable ceramic piece designed by Luis Eslava for Pott.
“A conversational ceramic piece that takes you to the most comfortable moonlight”.

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